tickets Buy a day ticket for €37.50 or a weekend ticket for €49.50. For €5 you can make a donation to plant a tree or let other families enjoy LaLaLand. LaLaLand works together with Vikalp Foundation and Stichting Buurtfamiliegezinen. If you come to Ruigoord by car, book your parking ticket immediately (€5 - this can be found under by-products). Our general terms and conditions apply to the tickets. LaLaLand takes place on 6 indoor and outdoor stages at Ruigoord Amsterdam. LaLaLand – the Magic of India will celebrate its second edition on June 29 & 30, 2024 at Ruigoord Amsterdam. On Saturday, Dharavi Rocks from Mumbai will open the festival at 12 noon and we will enjoy music, dance, yoga, workshops, Indian food and much more for almost 12 hours (until 11 pm). On Sunday, LaLaLand starts with classical music, yoga and breakfast at 9 am and the 'grand finale' ends the festival weekend at 6 pm. If the Dutch men's football team plays a European Championship match at 6 p.m., a screen will be placed. a weekend in India without flying 50+ acts: music, YOGA, Workshops, Bollywood, ART, Talks, POETRY, Food, DJ, Cricket At LaLaLand – The Magic of India you can enjoy the colors, sounds and smells that are so typical for India but also of unknown art and culture from contemporary India. India, a beating heart, powerful, energetic and innovative. All this in the middle of the setting of the magical village of Ruigoord. I am there! Subscribe to our newsletterPlease enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Email * Go