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LaLaLand Netherlands

June 29 & 30
Ruigoord, Amsterdam
Sat 12-11pm | Sun 9am-6pm

29 & 30 June in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Sat 12 noon - 11pm | Sun 9am-6pm

about us

Noreen van Holstein & Lalita van Lamsweerde

Lalita van Lamsweerde and Noreen van Holstein brought 'the Magic of India' to the Netherlands for the first time in the summer of 2023. Together with Ruigoord, 50 years of free thinking, creativity, diversity and 'Vashudaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family) are celebrated. Lalita and Noreen both lived in India for many years and have since played an active role in the cultural sector, both in India and the Netherlands. Together they have the LaLa Foundation.
50 years ago, the founders of Ruigoord made an overland trip to the southern Indian coastal state of Goa. There on the beaches of Goa, LaLaLand was founded in 2018, founded by Noreen van Holstein and Deepjyoti Deka. LaLaLand Festival Goa celebrated its fifth edition in December 2023.

We now have a fantastic small team and LaLaLand Festival is created with many volunteers and enthusiasts.

a weekend in india
without flying

50+ acts:

At LaLaLand – The Magic of India you can enjoy the colours, sounds and smells that are so typical of India, but also unknown art and culture from contemporary India.

India, a beating heart, powerful, energetic and innovative. All this in the middle of the setting of the magical village of Ruigoord.

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