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LaLaLand Netherlands

June 29 & 30
Ruigoord, Amsterdam
Sat 12-11pm | Sun 9am-6pm

29 & 30 June in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, Sat 12 noon - 11pm | Sun 9am-6pm


'Unity in Diversity' is what India stands for. You will find everything at LaLaLand.

On Saturday the door opens at 12 noon and the program continues until 11 pm. On Sunday we start at 9am with a beautiful morning concert and yoga and close the program with a grand finale at 6pm.

There are 6 stages at LaLaLand: 1. Holi Stage (in the church of Ruigoord there is yoga to classical to electronic), 2. Felix Room (dedicated to Felix van Lamsweerde, the founder of Indian Classical music in the Netherlands), 3 Chandi Chowk (bands play on the square in front of the church, you can dance, participate and relax), 4. Yoga Pavilion (here you will find our extensive yoga program for all ages and levels and talks), 5. Art House (for modern art and workshops) 6. Chai & More (wander to the Ruigoord Tea Garden where you can listen to Kirtan in the green grass).


The music is super varied. We have the dazzling 10-piece band Dharavi Rocks, from the slums of Mumbai, Tritha and Friends with fusion and electronic set, the Cosmic Choir, Swaram and some Jazz, DJ Mous, DJ Thee J Johanz and the band Diamonds 2000. 


Indian classical music is about improvisations. That makes it exciting, lively and always different. In the Felix Room you can enjoy the best Indian and European musicians and dancers. They demonstrate the versatility of Indian classical styles and instruments. Young and old can also become acquainted with Indian rhythms and classical dance steps in a workshop. LaLaLand 2024 promises beautiful classical music from the South Indian violinists Mysore and Sumanth Manjunath, the Indian flute sisters Debopriya and Suschismita Chatterjee, the slide guitarist Manish Pingle, the sarangi player Sabir Khan, the sitar player Deobrat Mishra,dreef singer Marianne Svasek, tabla player Heiko Dijker and there is the premiere of Marma by the carnatic musician Chandana Bala Kalyan.


LaLaLand offers multiple dance performances. There is the Spanish Indian dance production 'Cuerpo Habitado', 'OTTA' by the Thudippu Dance Foundation, the contemporary dance company Kalpanarts, a Kuchipudi dance and a performance by the Drag Glam Trio.


LaLaLand has an extensive yoga program. Expect traditional Hatha yoga, connecting classical Tantra, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, and the Shiva Shakti Dance. There is yoga for everyone: yoga diehards and first timers, children and the whole family. Afke Reijenga, one of the most famous yoginis in the Netherlands, provides part of the yoga program. Lessons are also given by Tina Rumenović, Lakshman Kharagjitsing, Lalí Rullens, Esmee Jiskoot and Arjuna van der Kooij.


At LaLaLand, artists Subodh Kerkar, Jaap Kroon, Angelina Kumar, Priyam Redican and Martijn Baarda & Ari Jayaprakash show their work. From photography, video, visual arts, Gond art, to AI art.


Talks are given by former NOS India correspondent Lucas Waagmeester, artist Subodh Kerkar, writer and poet Hans Plomp, author of 'the Bible Indian kitchen' Paulami Joshi, photographer Annelies Rigter and writer Shantie Singh. The Goan Queer Trio will discuss Queer and LGBTQ+ in India with the well-known Drag Queen Snorella. This year there will again be a spoken-word session by artist Priyam Redican.


There are various workshops at LaLaLand for all ages. Think of cricket, Kalaripayattu, Bollywood dance, Bhangra dance, classical music concert, sound healing, Gond Art and making your own instruments and participating in a drum circle.


Enjoy this excellent choice of Indian food and drinks from Sergeant Pepper, Streatwise Naan Pizza & Solar Coffee, Just Yuhi Foods, Taste of Nepal, the Lassi Bar, Popcorn, Candyfloss, Frugurpop


Shop from the amazing options available at LaLaLand such as Karma Kouture, Mi Bella Moda, Ethnic Andaaz Sarees, Kanchic Sarees, Pashminas, Tribal Mist, Ethnic Andaaz Sarees, Henna, Energy Healing and Taletta & Zatara Jewelry.

a weekend in india
without flying

50+ acts:

At LaLaLand – The Magic of India you can enjoy the colours, sounds and smells that are so typical of India, but also unknown art and culture from contemporary India.

India, a beating heart, powerful, energetic and innovative. All this in the middle of the setting of the magical village of Ruigoord.

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